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Warrington Wolves

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“In south-west Lancashire, babes don’t toddle, they side-step. Rugby League is a physical manifestation of our rules of life, comradeship, honest endeavour and a staunch allegiance to fair-play”  Colin Welland

A heritage project close to our heart and roots in Warrington, Fuzzy Duck and the Wolves Foundation spent 12 months working together on the huge project of documenting the rich history of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club and the town they represent.

After securing Heritage Lottery funding, we produced a 100 metre long timeline, supported by augmented reality, motion graphics, poetry and two, 12 minute documentaries.

Warrington is a town with a rising population and we were determined to have these newcomers understand and learn to love the sport, the team, the town.

The project was awarded bronze in the 2013 Fresh Creative Awards, Best Breakthrough category.

“Captains for who’m your heart-out you’d sing,
And frail looking Aussies, who could run like the wind.”

People aren’t poetical about Rugby League. They just aren’t.
Even Max Boyce wrote the odd ditty about the Union code but the Northern folk who follow this always honest, often brutal sport, born from a political statement have for too-long confined their colourful tales of working class heroes to the tap-rooms of Northern towns.

We were determined to do something about this, bringing the fans’ tales and chants to live alongside the historical facts and figures. This was how I was introduced to the sport and how life was breathed into the black and white images from the past.

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