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Tomorrow Building

Job Title: Tomorrow Building |Client: Peel Group

What was involved?...

The £20 million development at MediaCityUK opened in June 2016. Working closely with the MediaCityUK team and using the latest technology to create an engaging, immersive marketing application showcasing the brand-new exciting and imaginatively designed workspace for digital and creative businesses.

The app, which can be used via Google Cardboard housing or in full-screen mode, provides 360 degree CGI visuals and key locations including the reception and a typical office floor.

Lynn Haime, Asset Manager from MediaCityUK said: “We have such a fantastic mix of businesses at MediaCityUK, who are continually pushing boundaries and creating amazing content. Fuzzy Duck impressed us with their knowledge and vision of 360 VR and it has been a pleasure to work with one of the companies based at MediaCityUK to create an interactive application with virtual reality to demonstrate to companies who may be interested in Tomorrow”.

 Take a glimpse into Tomorrow

We created a virtual reality campaign for MediaCityUK to take potential occupiers on a journey to Tomorrow, which included an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality experience to showcase the buildings interior to prospective tenants and an interactive to be used at events. The interactive allowed people to explore various parts of the building, to view information, floor-plans and access CGI visuals of particular areas.

As an update on this original post – since building this app and developing the virtual reality to tour this gorgeous space, Fuzzy Duck were so taken with the Tomorrow building proposition that it is now our home…clearly subliminal advertising is alive and well, and somehow our clients are now our landlords!

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