United Utilities

United Utilities

Think Before you Flush

Job Title: Think Before you Flush |Client: United Utilities

What was involved?...

“All you want to flush is Paper, Pee or Poo!”

UU: “…we want to stop people flushing anything else down the toilet and to target the film towards children and through the kids, their parents.”

Ducks: “Can we write a song with lots of toilet humour and fart noises?”

UU: “Yes”

Ducks: “We’re in!”

United Utilities spend millions of pounds every year clearing drains, sewers and peoples gardens due to household waste being flushed down the toilet instead of disposed of in the bin. Wipes, towels, false teeth and mobile phones have all been found stuck in drains and at treatment works.

We created, illustrated and animated the characters and then wrote a catchy little ditty to communicate initially with children and then filter through to their parents.

It gets through the pipes and lands in our sewers,
All we want here is your one’s and your two-ers.

Using a cut-out, collage and an ultra-2D canvas on which to base this piece we were able to jump between bathroom to pipe to treatment works to town without it seeming too much of a jolt.

Nat did the characters, Seb played guitar, Dave did the rhyme and Charlie and James (Hartill Jnr.) did the singing
…we were humming it for weeks after.

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