Rugby League Cares

Rugby League Cares

One In - All in

Job Title: One In - All in |Client: Rugby League Cares

What was involved?...

When your target audience are the fans of a particular sport, it gives you the freedom to have a certain shorthand and license to speak in their language and even use in-jokes. The title we came up with for this campaign is just that. The phrase ‘One in – All in’ refers to a fight on the pitch. Rugby League is built from families and close friendships, where each of the players are willing to put their bodies on-the-line for each other.

If one of the players is caught in a scuffle this phrase means ‘we’ve got your back – we’re all in it together.’ This charity aims to use this same mentality throughout the fans and players alike, caring for the grass-roots and heritage of the sport, looking after players once they’ve hung up their boots and also players who get injured playing.

When you’re pitching an idea to a client and it reduces them to tears…this could be very good or very bad.

I played both amateur and professional Rugby League and felt we’d written something from the heart. Using the language of League and how the sport manifests itself in life and friendships. We showed a series of stills whilst I read the poem. When finished we turned to the client, and after taking several deep, manly breaths (like any parent watching the end of Toy Story 3 will know only too well), and after a few nervous moments for us, he nodded and told us,
“You guys get it!”

When you’re out on your feet and you just want to hide,
And your mate gives you a nudge, “I’ll take this next drive.”

Our brief was to raise awareness and membership amongst the Rugby League Community. Within hours of launching the film and the slogan was picked up by and featured on Sky Sports. Throughout the following 6 months the clubs got on board, playing it on their big screens in the stadiums. Membership rose by 200% within the first week.

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