From Bean to Cup

Job Title: From Bean to Cup |Client: Rijo42

What was involved?...

Many people know they like coffee, any idea what it takes to get this perfect blend in to your cup? With screens mounted within the coffee machine, Rijo decided to neutralise this feature by showing the journey the coffee bean has taken to be in your cup.

The animation took the key facts and processes from the Rijo42 story. Taking the viewer from the location of the plant, through the way the berry is grown and harvested, into roasting, and ultimately arriving into the cup you are stood in-front of whilst the coffee is prepared.

Inspired by the strong brand already in place, we wanted the illustrations to really bring a warmth to the subject and the brand. The challenge was to fit a complete journey into the 35 seconds, the coffee takes to be produced. Natalie, from our Motion team has an illustration style that we felt fitted beautifully. Rijo agreed and this style in-turn inspired them to adapt their campaign to use this imagery throughout…just lovely.

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