Lyme Park

Lyme Park

Edwardian Christmas

Job Title: Edwardian Christmas |Client: Lyme Park

What was involved?...

The house at Lyme Park was transformed for Christmas into a rich, sensory Edwardian Christmas.

This Christmas experience was inspired by the book ‘Treasure on Earth’; an evocative & nostalgic text written by Phyllis Legh & first published in 1952. This text tells the story of Phyllis’s experiences of ‘Vyne’ (Lyme) at Christmas in 1906. The text glows with love & warmth, and gives wonderful descriptions of how the house looked and felt at Christmas and New Year, “The door of the saloon opened on a scene of almost unreal loveliness”

We wanted to challenge ourselves with a cost effective approach, that would allow people to be surprised with the magic of Christmas while giving the AV a light touch feel to the overall experience.

“From looped garlands and palm leaves and cupids’ head hung a host of diverse object, bunches of fruits and flowers, musical instruments, trophies, fish and birds, all carved to the life in soft yellow pear-wood by the hand of the master.”

Extract from ‘Treasure on Earth’ Phyllis Elinor Sandeman

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