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Ever wondered who you call when your drain is blocked, or worse your sewer is overflowing and flooding? That’s right it’s this lovely lot from Lanes for drains.

We were asked to make a film by Lanes for Drains showing the variety of services and locations they operated in as one of the largest private wastewater drainage companies in the UK. The film itself was to be used on both their main website as part of a brand overview and to inspire existing and new employees.

We responded by filming the length and breath of the UK. From London to North Wales, down Victorian era service drains to domestic bathrooms to High Speed railway lines, we followed the Lanes team around as far as we could, and then some. They weren’t afraid to get a bit dirty, and neither were we.

The film itself uses a mix of live action with motion graphic elements to help emphasise the full service offering that Lanes for Drains has.


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