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United Utilities

Keeping Cumbria Flowing

Job Title: Keeping Cumbria Flowing |Client: United Utilities

What was involved?...

As part of United Utilities’ programme to link West Cumbria via a major new pipeline from Thirlmere Waters, Fuzzy Duck developed a website and film campaign to engage with stakeholders and the local public; outlining the benefits and explaining the impacts the seven year project has on the community and the environment.

The film campaign focuses on the work United Utilities has throughout its history in Cumbria. From the groundbreaking achievement of reservoir and aqueduct construction in the Victorian era to the future aqueduct being built from Thirlmere Reservoir to West Cumbria, the campaign aims to show customers how tirelessly United Utilities works to keep water supply, clean and constant.

The site was designed and built in an editable format, so the team could adapt and evolve the content as the programme developed.

Website: cumbria.unitedutilities.com

 Video Campaign

Find out about some of the work United Utilities has done in West Cumbria and beyond

It’s all in the planning

Our website is here to help residents, visitors and businesses in Cumbria keep up to date with United Utilities’ work on the water and wastewater network in their area.

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