Illegal Wildlife Trade

Illegal Wildlife Trade

Chester Zoo

Job Title: Chester Zoo |Client: Illegal Wildlife Trade

What was involved?...

Act for Wildlife are a conservation charity run by Chester Zoo, who are leading the way in saving endangered animals around the world. To help raise awareness amongst the general public, they wanted a series of animations, along with a suite of illustrations to assist with education. The animations were to be housed in one of the enclosures within the zoo, as well as used online.

Illegal wildlife trade is a big problem, and Chester Zoo wanted to focus the public’s attention on this with an animation about the ivory process from product to source. We needed to show the severe impact that people have directly on elephants when they buy even the smallest piece of jewellery containing ivory. The aim of the animation was to make people think twice before they buy something, ensuring they aren’t buying into illegal wildlife trade. 

Our concept begins with a reversal through time in a continual pull back through the various scenes. We wanted people to realise the chain of events that have unfolded before that product has reached them. ‘Fuzzy Felt’ has a nostalgic and relatable feeling to it, so we used this style to give the animation a tactile appearance, bringing the viewer closer to the message itself. Combining something that a child usually plays with, along with graphic images of the gun shooting at the elephant, helps to give the animation an element of shock and surprise – further driving home the severity of the problem.

 Accompanying animations included a series on how to report wildlife crime through the different methods available.
As well as an animation about the impact social media is having on endangered animals. Combined, these animations will help Act for Wildlife to continue their fight for animals and will empower the general public to become involved in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.

To accompany the animations, we created a bank of around 100 illustrative assets to be used across the zoo, online and also for educational purposes. We worked with Chester Zoo to ensure that the look and feel matched that of the existing simple hand drawn style. These needed to include items that represented each part of the illegal wildlife trade process, animals, locations and people in different roles.

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