Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition

Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition

The Roman Cavalry

Job Title: The Roman Cavalry |Client: Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition

What was involved?...

10 fields, 8 swords, 5 Ducks, 2 night camps
and 1 BIG WALL!

The brief had two requirements:

1. To help people visiting the wall to understand why the Roman Calvary were in the North of England.

2. To celebrate the horsemen of Hadrian’s Cavalry and educate visitors on the life of a cavalryman and his journey.

Hadrian’s Wall is part of Roman and British History that has intrigued people for thousands of years.

Our brief was to make a short film about the life of a cavalryman who had been assigned to the furthest northern reaches of the Roman Empire.

We decided to make a film that told the emotive journey of a hardened cavalryman, who was preparing for the Hyppica Gymnasia – a military showcase held in the presence of the Caesars themselves.

The filming also allowed for a series of trailers to be created, to promote this touring heritage exhibition and experience a real life Hyppica Gymnasia weekend where the highly trained cavalrymen would come together to display their skills. 

Bringing authentic costume and re-enactors to a location, then filming galloping horses is always a thrill, but importantly it helps bring context to something which is otherwise distant to an audience. Placing the animation within the action assists the storytelling.


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