The National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum

Crime through the years

Job Title: Crime through the years |Client: The National Justice Museum

What was involved?...

The National Justice Museum’s aim is to inspire people of all ages to become active citizens. They do this through fun and engaging activities, exhibitions and educational programmes relating to law and justice.
The Museum underwent a full refurbishment and we were asked
to produce the all new AV content.

We needed to cover all aspects of justice around the world through an introductory animation, four touchscreen interactives, a number of films and two projected characters  within a courtroom. Using humour, hard-hitting graphics as well as child-friendly interactive games to inspire all visitors to an understanding of the law and justice system, and to use their rights and responsibilities to play an active role in society.

“In 1361 we saw the introduction
of the Justice of the peace act”

Some of the punishments we had to describe are pretty grim, so we needed to find the truth in the subject and educate without freaking-out any youngsters. Using height restrictive detail and (where appropriate) making it funny rather than scary enabled us to communicate with a broad audience. 

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