Criccieth Castle - Cadw

Criccieth Castle - Cadw

Life at court

Job Title: Life at court |Client: Criccieth Castle - Cadw

What was involved?...

Along the rocky peninsula/promontory overlooking Tremadog Bay sits the ruins of Criccieth Castle. Perched on a headland with the North Welsh Sea at its feet, the castle is home to picturesque views and an intimidating vantage point to would-be attackers – Perhaps explaining why it changed hands between the Welsh Princes and English Monarchs so much throughout the years in its brief life as a stronghold.

To help people learn about the lives of those around the area during the English and Welsh conflict, Cadw and Headland asked the Ducks to imagine a day in the life of the Welsh Prince as he visits Criccieth Castle. This was imagined as 3 films set throughout the day, each featuring an animated character talking directly to the viewer who is cast as the Prince.

The films are shown inside an imagined Llys (court) designed by our friends at Headland Design situated in the refurbished visitor centre, creating an immersive and atmospheric experience where the visitor selects the film they want to watch by touching an object on the table.

Along with these films we created an aerial film, including CGI of how the castle would have looked, which will stay with you as you venture up the hill to take in the scenic sights Criccieth offers.

“Gruff let the birds free last night, the cretinous boil! I don’t know what he was thinking! It may seem like all fun and games in the evening when the ale is flowing.”

“Huw! Grab the rest of those birds will you? There’s still taxes to collect before the Prince arrives or his disappointment with us will be made clear!! And clean up that BIG pile of…”

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