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The Atkinson Museum in Southport has a large range of ancient Egyptian artefacts thanks to a wealthy Victorian lady named Anne Goodison. Anne Goodison was from Bootle and was fascinated with Egyptology. She visited Egypt twice in the late 1880s and brought back a wide selection of artefacts which were housed in a ‘museum room’ in her family home near Crosby.

After Anne’s death in 1906, her husband had no interest in the collection and so donated it to the Bootle Museum in 1908. After the museum’s closure in 1974, the collection was taken to Southport for safe storage. Now for the first time in 40 years, items from the collection are now back on display at The Atkinson.

Bootle Bombings

As part of our wider work with The Atkinson, we designed and developed a touch-screen interactive about the bombings that occurred in Bootle during World War 2. Bootle docks were a key target for the Luftwaffe during World War 2 with over 4,000 people killed in the Merseyside area, second only to London.

The interactive shows details about where these bombs were dropped and the resulting destruction and devastation they caused. It also included audio memories from eye witnesses to the Blitz and a series of Pathe news reels chronicling the exploits of Captain Frederic ‘Johnnie’ Walker, the charismatic Commander of the 2nd Support Group of anti-submarine hunters during the Battle of the Atlantic.


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