High Life Highlands

“She waited for the last spirit to return to her
empty grave. When she saw the ghost approach
she stood upon the tomb with staff in hand and declared…
‘I cannot let you pass!’”

Okay, you had us at empty grave. This is a brief passage from the legend of how Brahan Seer gained the gift of second site. Registered charity, High Life Highland asked us to animate this and several other tales from a suite of legends for their Inverness Castle tour.

Each legend depicts visions Brahan had seen coming, and eventually his death, which we’re pretty sure he did not.


With you, every drop of the way…

We produced this film to help the launch of a new company whose sole objective is to supply water to business’. We needed to help portray the company story but more importantly it’s personality, and through this the benefits of using Water Plus.

Key elements to consider are the language and personality of the brand, help people to see what it will be like to work with WaterPlus, either as an existing client, new client or a someone looking to join WaterPlus.

As a brand with a range of opportunities, the creative team needed to be able to draw on a range of skills, both photographic and graphical, whilst being able to create language that portrays the character of the company.

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