Chatting about being active

Disability Rights UK approached us with an exciting project set around a piece of writing. We were introduced to an extraordinary creative writer named Owen.

Owen has a disability himself, but that hasn’t deterred him from his writing. Having first-hand experience helped him to shape a short case study about getting active and the community Disability Rights has created for him to meet new people.


His story follows Aftab, a young lad with cerebral palsy who craves independence; Tina, a woman who lost the use of her legs in an accident, but never lost her warm and bubbly personality; and John, an elderly man who lost his leg in the 2nd world war, but this never stopped him from getting active. The common thread between them all, is their social worker, Maggie. With a heart larger then life itself, and a passion for helping people, she introduced these three unlikely acquaintances to help Aftab to realise that his disability doesn’t control his independence.

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