Crafting much-loved stories

You spend so much time at work, you’d better try to get good at something you really love. We’re doing the one thing we believe we were put on this Earth to do.

Our ideas don’t often come from sparks of brilliance that appear from the ether, but instead from careful curation from an inquisitive understanding of the brief.
Throughout the process, we’re constantly challenging and pushing the original concept to deliver a finished project that is bursting with ideas.

Design, animation, film or digital development will individually, or in combination, work towards your story. And when you love what has been produced, we become happy, knowing that from one single source of inspiration, sparks a thousand ideas for telling a story.  A story that was waiting to be told.

We’re a close team, a family and within this family our expertise floods throughout our core disciplines of:

Animation     Design     Digital     Film

We are driven by the brief, and with complete focus on the brief these teams collaborate to find the best way to tell your much-loved story. Using film and animation alongside e-learning and literature, beautifully designed to communicate your message clearly.

Fuzzy Duck
MediaCityUK, Salford
M50 2AB

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